Scientific workhop
21 of may
Unan-Managua, nicaragua
Date: 21 of may de 2024

Place: UNAN-Managua, Nicaragua + transmission en línea

May 21
09:00 - Welcome speech

  • Dr. Ramona Rodríguez Pérez, President of the CNU, Rector of the UNAN-Managua
  • Konstantin Pokachalov, Acting Director of the SPbSRIVS

09:15 - Presentation of the monograph “Systematic approach to quality assurance of drugs”

09:20 - “Strategy and forms of integration of an industrial partner with universities, following the example of MECHNIKOV - SPbSRIVS - UNAN-Managua”

Elena Kazakova, Deputy Director of the IICVSSP

09:45 - Q&A session

09:50 - “Results of the sanitary regulation course & steps to follow”

Sara Negaresh, Head of the Chemistry Department, UNAN-Managua

10:15 - Q&A session

10:20 - “Infrastructure of preclinical and clinical studies - new regional competencies of the Republic of Nicaragua”

Carmen Acosta Bas, Head of the Medical and Regulatory Affairs Department, Institute MECHNIKOV

Marlene Muñoz, Member of Local Ethics Committee

10:45 - Q&A session

10:50 - “Basic steps for the pharmaceutical development of immunogenic polysaccharide vaccines”

Andrey Beliankin, Head of Bacterial Vaccine Development at the SPbSRIVS

11:15 - Q&A session

11:20 - “Biological-molecular methods in vaccine quality control”

Georgy Ignatyev, Advisor to the SPbSRIVS

11:45 - Q&A session

11:50 - Documentary video

"Study in Russia, work at the Institute MECHNIKOV"