May 22-23, Managua, Nicaragua
Evolution of the manufacturing capacity:
Promote local production to improve global health
congress - Center "Olof Palme"
About the Event
  • More than 30 speakers

    Talking about development, technology transfer, manufacturing, and distribution in the Latin American region.

  • 4 sessions
    Panels dedicated to international and local biotechnology, coordination between NRA and manufacturers, and human resources strengthening.
  • 3 days
    With top industry specialists. Directors, managers, heads of departments of the industry.
  • Q&A
    Each participant can ask questions to the speakers after each session.
During the day of the Scientific Workshop and two days of the main program of the Congress, speakers will share their experience and knowledge with the participants.
Since 2014, the International Pharmaceutical Congress Russia-Nicaragua, has become a main regional conference in the field of pharmaceutical and immunobiological. Within the framework of the eighth International Pharmaceutical Congress, the organizers invite participants to assess the challenges to promote local production to improve global health
  • Msc. Stanislav Uiba
    General Manager of the MECHNIKOV Institute
  • Konstantin Pokachalov
    Director interino del Instituto de Vacunas y Sueros de San Petersburgo
  • Vladislav Shestakov
    Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia"
  • Dra. Ramona Rodríguez Pérez
    President of the CNU, Rector of the UNAN-Managua
  • Olga Lidia Jacobo Casanueva
    Director CECMED (Cuba)
  • Lisette Perez Ojeda
    Advisor to the Director of CECMED in Cuba.
  • Martha Rosales
    Director of ANRS
  • German Shipulin
    National Scientific-Medical University of Russia
  • Vadim Merkúlov
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director of the Scientific Center for Expertise of Medical Products of the Ministry of Health of Russia
  • Sergey Arakélov
    Head of the Advisory Office of the EUEF "IICVSSP" AFMB of Russia
  • Ludwin Yanitza Flores
    Pharmaceutical Evaluator of the Registration Department of the Pharmacy Directorate, MoH Nicaragua
  • Marlon Leonel Díaz Zúniga
    Director of the Knowledge Area of Basic Sciences and Technology, UNAN-Managua
  • Teodoro Tercero Rivera
    Director of CIES Nicaragua
  • Carmen Acosta Bás
    Head of the Department of Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Institute MECHNIKOV
  • Vadim Pokrovskiy
    Director of the Department of Biochemistry, People’s Friendship University of Russia, Director of the Laboratory of Biochemical Basis of Pharmacology and Tumor Models of the National Center for Medical Research in the Area of Oncology of N.N. Blokhin
  • Estherling del Socorro Ruiz Hernández
    Director of Continuing Education, MoH Nicaragua
  • Irina Titovich
    Director of the Department of Science and Preparation of Scientific and Pedagogical Profile Personnel of the St. Petersburg Public Chemical-Pharmaceutical University
  • Sara Negaresh
    Head of the Chemistry Department, UNAN-Managua
  • Fernando Emilio Baca Escoto
    Vice Dean of Chemical Sciences, UNAN-León
  • Javier Vázquez Romero
    Pharmaceutical Marketing Specialist, Institute MECHNIKOV
  • Elena Krasnokutskaya
    Head of the Center for Science and Education, Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Cristian Toledo
    Director of Health Surveillance, MoH Nicaragua
  • Konstantin Filin
    Director of the company Pharmaceutical Protection, FMBA of Russia
  • Musa Khaitov
    Director of the Institute of Immunology, FMBA of Russia
  • Yaquelín Rodriguez Valdés
    Advisor for Development, Institute MECHNIKOV
  • Engels Mijael Antón
    Pharmaceutical Evaluator of the Registration Department of the Pharmacy Directorate, MoH Nicaragua
  • Sevastian Rabdano
    Deputy Director of Development, SPbSRIVS
  • Pablo Pang
    General Manager, China Sinopharm International Corporation (Ecuador)
  • Sofía Kharbikh
    Representative of the Rossotrudnichestvo Agency in the Republic of Nicaragua
  • Adele Sattarova
    Head of Project Management, SPbSRIVS
  • Elena Kazakova
    Deputy Director of the IICVSSP
  • Lucía Rizo Castellón
    General Manager of RAMOS Laboratories
  • Zoraida Espinoza
    Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Institute MECHNIKOV
  • Arlen Báez
    Pharmaceutical Regent, Distributor CRUZ AZUL
  • Georgy Ignatyev
    Advisor to the SPbSRIVS
  • Karla Delgado
    Director of Pharmacy, MoH Nicaragua
  • Andrey Beliankin
    Head of Bacterial Vaccine Development at the SPbSRIVS
  • Marlene Muñoz
    Member of Local Ethics Committee
  • Kuleen Patawari
    Business Development, MJ Biopharm (India)
  • Han Huang
    Business Development, INNOVAX (China)
  • Alba Castillo
    Distributor CRUZ AZULCRUZ AZUL
  • Elena Xue
    Manager for LAC region, Biokangtai (China)
  • Mario Elías Cajina Jarquín
    Administrator of the SPbSRIVS R&D Center in Nicaragua

Date: 22 - 23 of may 2024

Venue: Olof Palme Convention Center

(Managua, Nicaragua + online streaming)

May 22
08:00 - Registration of participants

08:30 - Opening ceremony and welcome speeches

Welcome video to the Congress

Veronika Skvortsova, Head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia

Coordinator: Sergey Arakelov
Head of the Advisory Office, SPbSRIVS
11:30 - Q&A session

12:00 - Lunch
Coordinator: Olga Lidia Jacobo Casanueva
Director of CECMED (Cuba)

14:45 - Q&A session

May 23
08:30 - Registration of participants

Coordinator: Elena Kazakova
Deputy Director of the SPbSRIVS
11:00 - Q&A session

11:30 - Lunch
Coordinator: Stanislav Uiba
General Manager, Institute MECHNIKOV
Olof Palme
Convention Center
Main Entrance